Rescued Dog “Obsessed” With Cats Finally Gets A Kitten Of His Own!

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There are dogs who don’t like cats, but there are also some dogs who are so friendly, they’d befriend almost any animal they meet.

This Pit Bull named Bubba is one friendly dog. There are still some people who discriminate against his breed and who think he’s a scary dog. But in reality, Bubba is actually very sweet and gentle.

Bubba was adopted by his mom, Rebecca Pizzello, from a shelter in Phoenix, Arizona, 6 years ago. Bubba was just 3 months old. And during that time, Rebecca’s roommate rescued a litter of kittens. Bubba grew up with those kittens until they were old enough to be adopted.

Rebecca told The Dodo, “Since then, Bubba has had an endless affection for cats, like, literally obsessed. I always knew he’d love having one of his own, but I wanted to wait until we moved to New York City this year.”

Bubba had always wanted a kitty of his own. So Rebecca sent applications to adopt a cat. Weeks after, Brooklyn Animal Action called her up and informed her that a kitten was looking for a forever home.

So without further delay, Rebecca took the kitten home and named her Rue.

And just as Rebecca expected, Bubba was thrilled when they got home. He immediately fell in love with the new kitty.

The two bonded instantly, and since then, they were inseparable.

They love to cuddle and they sleep together.

Bubba cares for Rue, like he’s her dad!

And as you can see, Rue loves Bubba just as much!

Aren’t they the sweetest?

You can see more photos of Bubba and Rue by following them on Instagram!

You can also read more about their story at The Dodo.

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