He rescued this dog just 1 hour before it was to be put down. Watch the dog’s emotional reaction

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People will tell you that animals don’t have emotions or thoughts. But science is beginning to prove otherwise. Through brain scans and lab testing, researchers are able to identify ways animals react to certain stimuli, proving that dogs and other animals have a lot more going on up in their brains than people of previous generations thought. And if you have any lingering doubt about their ability yourself, then this story will prove to you that animals have feelings.

During a recent trip to the animal shelter, Bronwyne Mirkovich had a good feeling that today was going to be the day. He wanted to take a best friend home with him, but he refused to settle for just any dog. Bronwyne wanted the “perfect” companion to spend his days with. While he did not know what that meant, he decided to trust his gut and figured he’d know it when he saw it.

Although Bronwyne had a good feeling that this day would change his life, he didn’t know it would be so easy. The best friend he had been waiting for was right there looking at him. The dog, Edie, was behind the metal grate staring out at Bronwyne with a set of eyes that begged him to take him home. Although Edie was a bit standoffish at first, as soon as Edie realized that Bronwyne was there as his friend and not something much more sinister, he warmed up and walked over to him.

Edie had a right to be terrified of humans. He was slated to be killed in one hour. If Bronwyne had not arrived on a mission to take a best friend home with him, Edie would have died. That’s why Edie’s transformation from terrified and depressed to elated was so monumental.

Every year, animal shelters put down about 1.5 million animals. Bronwyne knew that thousands of animals get killed every day because people choose to shop at pet stores and breeders instead of going to their local shelters to adopt. He knew that if he took a dog home from the shelter, he’d be saving a life. But he did not know that Edie’s life was as close to over as it was.


While the thought of adopting a dog is grand, the Huffington Post recommends a simple test to make sure the canine will mesh with your personality and your needs.

“After letting the dog or puppy sniff around a new enclosure for a few minutes, try to get his attention by calling out to him. Next, extend a toy or treat and walk six feet across the floor. Does he follow you?”

If the dog passes that part of the test, you should progress with:

“Take a set of keys or a can filled with five pennies. Discreetly shake it behind your back. Then drop it on the floor five feet from your candidate and note his reaction.”

If the dog is skittish, it might be a risky best friend to adopt, especially if you have children who make a lot of noise.

The Huffington Post recommends the third test to make sure the potential adoptee is right for you and your family.

“Either hop or skip across the floor. Drop down as if you’ve tripped and shout, ‘Ouch!’ What does the puppy (or dog) do?”

While these tests might make you feel foolish, they’ll help you choose the right rescue dog to adopt.

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