Rescue Pup With Just Months To Live Has One Final Wish: To Get At Least 100 Hugs

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Logan, a nine-week-old German Shepherd may look and act like a normal puppy, but sadly he was diagnosed with Pulmonic Valve Dysplasia, a heart condition that affects the organ’s main valve and prevents the blood from being properly oxygenated.

Logan was given just a few months to live, but his foster mom, Lindie Saenz, is making sure his final time on Earth is the best it can possibly be.

Rescued Hearts Northwest

Saenz, a volunteer, first saw Logan when he arrived at their rescue, “Rescued Hearts Northwest,” in Ferndale, Washington. As soon as she saw Logan, she fell in love with him and agreed to foster him for the rest of his life.

Rescued Hearts Northwest

In an effort to make the best of Logan’s time left, Saenz created a bucket list for him, which includes playing in the snow, visiting the beach, eating ice cream, picking out a toy at the pet store, among many other items. But one wish that really stood out was “to get 100 hugs.”

Rescued Hearts Northwest

Logan was such a lovable and friendly pup, in addition to being absolutely adorable, so finding 100 people who would want to hug Logan would be an easy task. On January 20th, Rescued Hearts Northwest held a ‘Hugs for Logan Meet and Greet’ so he could get tons of hugs and cross that wish off his bucket list.

Rescued Hearts Northwest

He has picked his own toy, took a trip to the beach, and has eaten lots of delicious meals. As long as Logan is here, he will continue his adventures and enjoy his life surrounded by people who love him.

But things took a turn for the best. While his time left on Earth is not certain, there is a good chance that vets may be able to repair Logan’s heart! Dr. Scansen and Dr. Horton at Colorado State University reviewed his EKG and is confident that they can perform the surgery that would fix his heart.

Rescued Hearts Northwest

A GoFundMe page was set up to raise money for the surgeries. The first surgery is scheduled for January 31st, where he will stay at the hospital overnight to recuperate once it is over.

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