Rescue Dog Met His New Dad After Their First Week-long Separation. His Reaction Is Precious!

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A rescue dog was reunited with his owner, giving the guy a BIG hug to welcome him back. The crazy part? This dog’s owner was only gone for a week.

And his other owner was with him the entire time!

Of course, when you’re a rescue dog, odds are you’re prone to worry that when someone leaves you, they might not come back. So this dog’s response to his owner’s return isn’t exactly an overreaction in our eyes.

Mark O’Neill and his Staffordshire Bull Terrier Patch, have a special bond and the two are rarely separated since Mark and his partner Kerrigan adopted the dog last year from the Scottish SPCA. Patch came in to the shelter as a stray and had spent 5 months there before Mark and Kerrigan took him home.

When the 27-year-old recently had to spend a week away from Patch, Kerrigan knew their reunion would be something special so she made sure to have her camera ready. Boy, was she right! Patch completely loses it when the door opens and he sees Mark standing there.

Rescue dogs have so much love to give! WATCH THE VIDEO BELLOW:

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