Rescue Dog ‘Messes Up’ Agility Run, Breaks Every Single Rule But Has The Most Fun

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Kratu, a rescue dog from Romania, ended up being the star of the Crufts Dog Show, by being spectacularly bad at the agility running course. After viewing this hilarious footage from the competition, we now understand why the crowd went wild!



As the run begins, Kratu, a Carpathian-Mioritic mix, enters the agility course without a care in the world. His handler guides him through the course, but he hardly follows a single line of direction from her. Instead, he randomly bounces around the course in excitement.

As we see Kratu’s many befuddled detours throughout the run, we are clear about one thing – he loves tunnels! Every time he enters a tunnel, he stops and absolutely refuses to come out. At one point, he even lays down to rest in the tunnel, then reverses back instead of marching forward!



The crowd goes wild at the hysterical antics of Kratu. Eventually, the happy-go-lucky Kratu decides to abandon the race, and greet his fans in the stands instead! This video is 2 minutes of Kratu putting a wide smile on everyone’s faces. He may not have won the event, but he certainly won our hearts!

Click the video below to watch the outrageously funny video of Kratu having blissful fun as he messes up his agility run!

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