Rescue Dog Looked Like A Bag Of Bones, Sat In A Corner All Day & Awaited D.eath

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The streets of Greece are filled with thousands of stray animals, sick and starving, with no one to look out for them. Billy was one such abandoned dog, whose extreme suffering made the rescuers think that putting him down was the only merciful option.

Source: The Orphan Pet/YouTube


Billy had a severe form of contagious mange, but the vet believed that he should be given a chance to get better. Billy had to be kept in isolation, so the rescuers gave him a corner with a bed in an empty bathroom and hoped for the best.

The poor dog was just grateful to have a warm, cozy bed to rest in. He just slept away his days in the “isolated chamber”, without making any sound. Soon, his treatment began, and Billy surprised everyone by becoming a true warrior in just 2 months!

Source: The Orphan Pet/YouTube


When the shelter shared Billy’s recovery video, people were in such disbelief that they thought that the before and after dogs had been swapped! But despite his popularity, the sweet and playful Billy received just one adoption application, from a family living in Switzerland.

Source: The Orphan Pet/YouTube


This video captures the rescuer’s mixed emotions as she lets Billy go. She had treasured him all this time, and the thought of surrendering him to fate again in a far-off land scared her. Watch this video to see how this sudden adoption changed this rescuer’s life and perspective!

Click the video below to watch Billy’s exceptional journey from the streets to a home!

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