She Refused To Give Him D.rug Money- Then Saw Inside Car & Made Life-Saving Deal

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A late night trip to a gas station ended in a surprising twist when Kaitlyn Cappelluti ran into a suspicious individual looking to score drugs. The woman, from Charlotte, North Carolina, was inside the gas station’s store purchasing a bottle of water when a man approached her, asking if she had any ‘rock’.

Source: Fox 46

Knowing this meant the man was looking for meth, and Kaitlyn was not a drug user, she immediately replied ‘no’ and tried to walk away. But this wasn’t the end of the exchange.

There was a small crowd around the individual’s vehicle staring inside. There sat an injured 10-week-old puppy. Kaitlyn walked over to take a look. Again, the man asked if she had any rock and that he would give her the puppy in exchange for drugs.

Source: Fox 46

The poor dog was panting excessively and had spots of fur missing on his tiny body. He was in terrible condition. It also seemed his tail was improperly docked or chopped off. Kaitlyn feared it was only a matter of time before the puppy was beyond help.

Source: Fox 46

Kaitlyn couldn’t allow the puppy to stay in this situation. She reached into her purse, grabbed all the cash she could, and said she would take the dog for $50.

The man agreed.

Source: Fox 46

Kaitlyn took the puppy for immediate medical attention. She couldn’t believe how quickly the dog turned around. At first timid, he realized he was finally safe and his true colors came out. Dogs and their ability to quickly forgive never fail to amaze us.

© Kaitlyn Cappelluti

Thank you, Kaitlyn, for saving this puppy. He has found his forever home and is now safe and loved.

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