Rattlesnake B.ites Tiny Yorkie In The Face, But Brave Dog Doesn’t Give Up Just Yet

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Suri the 7-pound Yorkshire Terrier lives with her mom Bobbie Boydston in Brooksville. Suri loves playing in the open space in her backyard and Mom never holds her back either. However, the troubling events of one morning made Mom rethink this situation.

Source: ABC Action News/YouTube


Bobbie had set up a bird-feeder in her yard which was also a favorite spot for mice and squirrels. Bobbie had no idea that the presence of rodents would also attract snakes into her backyard. That is how a rattlesnake entered her yard just when Suri was enjoying her playtime.

Although Bobbie was watching over Suri, the fast-moving 6-foot Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake bit Suri before Bobbie could help her. The tiny dog collapsed as the potent venom hit her eyes and forehead almost immediately.

Source: ABC Action News/YouTube


Bobbie was terrified and immediately called for help. She knew that even big dogs don’t s.urvive snakebites, and Suri was just a wee little thing. However, the pooch got lucky as the hospital had an anti-venom shot, which they administered quickly.

Source: ABC Action News/YouTube


Suri was down for a few days but she eventually recovered. Bobbie and the doctors call her a miracle survivor, considering the odds that were against her. While Bobbie h.as t.aken down her bird-feeder, it is recommended to keep them far from any residence. Also, please stay alert whenever you let your pets out in bushy areas. Stay safe!

Click the video below to watch Suri’s painstaking ordeal and how she managed to beat the odds to s.urvive a rattlesnake bite!

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