He Was Put On K.ill List Just Because He Had A Broken Leg, Hangs His Head In Defeat

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Robin was surrendered to a kill shelter for a “broken leg”. Without even investigating further, the shelter listed him on the kill-book. Luckily, volunteers at “Vet Ranch” realized that his broken leg was in fact just a bruise, so they rushed in to save Robin from being put down.

Source: Vet Ranch/YouTube


Vet Ranch volunteers arrived just 5 minutes prior to Robin’s scheduled euthanasia. Poor Robin had almost accepted his fate, but seeing the new volunteers sparked him up with the hope of life again.

Robin was taken to the clinic for treatment of his leg. As expected, there were no broken bones, just minor bruises that needed healing. As he was being examined by the kind veterinarian, Robin grew overwhelmed with happiness and crumbled down in her arms.

Source: Vet Ranch/YouTube


He was so happy to be alive that he just wanted to thank her with a hug! Robin was treated for a couple of other ailments. Soon, he was able to run free without a limp. All this while, he followed his vet everywhere and showered her with hugs and kisses.

Source: Vet Ranch/YouTube


Within a month after rescue, Robin found an amazing forever home that was a perfect fit for his doting personality. Today, Robin is one spoiled, sweet and pampered dog, who smiles and gives hugs to anyone who shows him love. Share his story around so every dog can get a second chance at life!

Click the video below to watch the vet who rescued him talk us through Robin’s tear-jerking rescue story!

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