Her Pups Were Tied In A Pillowcase & Left To D.ie, Mama Dog Pleads Stranger For Help

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Raven, a Rottweiler mix, was anxiously pacing the streets of Watertown, New York, when a passerby woman spotted her. The woman tried to get Raven in her car, but the distressed dog kept pulling the woman towards a tied-up pillowcase.

Source: 7 News


The woman noticed that the pillowcase was moving. When she untied the pillowcase, she was shocked to find 12 newborn puppies cramped inside, with their umbilical cords still attached. Someone had intentionally sealed Raven’s babies inside and dumped them to d.ie!

The woman immediately contacted the Jefferson County SPCA for help. Amy Wonderly, a vet tech at the SPCA, broke down when she saw the poor state of the puppies. She immediately started treatment for Raven and her babies.

Source: 7 News


Sadly, one of the puppies didn’t survive. This incident received a lot of media coverage, which helped Raven and her remaining 11 puppies find forever homes!

Source: 7 News


The Jefferson County Police Department is currently investigating this incident. Raven’s ex-owner is untraceable but will be facing a $1,000 fine or a year in jail when caught and found guilty of abandoning and endangering the welfare of the puppies. We hope the person responsible is found soon and faces justice for their crimes.

Click the video below to watch how these poor puppies were found after being dumped to d.ie.

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