These Pups Love To Play Bite Each Other And Practice Their Barks

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Puppies are the source of joy and happiness in this world, and watching them adorably play can boost your mood in an instant. So if you’re having a bad day, had a lot of work, or simply want to melt your heart – watch these two precious English Bulldog puppies.

Meet Lucy and Otis, two English Bulldog puppy siblings that will most definitely melt your heart. So precious! They can’t stop playing with each other and practice their barks.

These two will grow into fine dogs one day, but for now, let’s enjoy this adorable moment while they’re small puppies.

We can’t even begin to imagine what might be cuter than these two. Other than, maybe, a litter of them! Can you imagine a litter of bulldog puppies, chasing and biting and playing with each other? These fluffy English Bulldog puppies engage in some very precious playtime with one another. Although they’re only a few weeks old, they’re clearly ready to take on the world!

These adorable newborn pups will make you forget about everything else for about 30 seconds. They charm with their innocence and sweetness. Each has different personality characteristics but every single one of them has the power to bring a smile on your face. Jumping, gently biting and running around is how they show their affection and joy. See for yourself!

Now where can we get a few?

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