Puppy’s Innocent Mistake Met With A.trocious P.unishment, O.wner Claims It Was Fitting

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Dogs, like humans, make mistakes but no one should be c.ruelly punished for something like this. This poor dog, in China, had an accident inside his home. Instead of telling the dog “no” or putting him in his crate, his monstrous owner felt it would be more appropriate to do the unthinkable.

Source: Daily Mail via Pear Video/YouTube

Yes, that’s him dangling out the window. Heart-wrenching video footage shows the a.bused pup in Guangzhou, tied to a window grill by a short rope, then left all alone. The rope was too short for the helpless dog to lie down.

The video shows the dog’s front legs tangled in the rope so he couldn’t do anything but suffer. He was in pain, panting relentlessly and barking for help. Finally, neighbors called a local animal rights group and they sent volunteers to help.

Source: Daily Mail via Pear Video/YouTube

The volunteers also discovered that it had been some time since the dog had any food or water.

Once they cut the dog free, his owner appeared and argued with the volunteers saying that he was being appropriately punished. After arguing back and forth, the owner finally agreed to allow the rescue group to take the dog.

It’s frustrating that China lacks legislation to protect these animals. Owners instead have to surrender the animal and don’t even face charges. However, there is draft legislation in the works that would make this sort of treatment illegal and the owners would face strict fines.

The mistreated dog is now safe and in loving hands.

We warn you, the video below is upsetting. Discretion is advised. It does, however, show the dog being rescued.

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