Puppy T.ied To A Car & Dragged On Dirt Road And The Driver Escapes When Confronted

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On February 10, 2019, a man named Jeremy witnessed the most horrifying scene in Brisbane, Queensland. A driver had tied a puppy to his car tow-bar, and dragged her behind on the dirt road. Jeremy forced the car to stop, and rescued the puppy, but the driver escaped.

GoFundMe/Donations for Remi


Jeremy saw the severely wounded puppy, and desperately called Happy Tails Animal Rescue to get her the necessary help. The puppy’s skin and bones were completely grazed, her open wounds were bleeding, and her paws had ripped-off.

At the vet’s, it was also found that she had a broken jaw. She was scared of everybody. Her chances of survival in the first night were dim, but she pulled through after being induced in a coma for recovery. She was named Remi, after her savior Jeremy.

GoFundMe/Donations for Remi


Currently, Jeremy is taking care of Remi, as she only feels safe with him. She is on painkillers and antibiotics, and her injuries will need re-bandaging for several months. With rehabilitation and potential surgeries, she might be back on her feet again.

GoFundMe/Donations for Remi


A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise funds for Remi’s recovery. As of now, $10,000 have been raised. Authorities are conducting an investigation to track down the culprit. We pray and hope Remi recovers from this trauma, physically and emotionally.

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