Puppy Siblings Only Had Each Other, Fought To Keep One Another Alive

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A resident in Puerto Rico found two puppy siblings in horrible condition. The dogs were covered in scabs and neglected in the worst way. They were on the verge of death. The man took them home but realized without urgent care, they wouldn’t make it much longer.

All the two pups ever had was each other, and they constantly pushed one another to stay alive. It was the only thing they could do. But when the man contacted Souls of Satos, Puerto Rican partners of AMA Animal Rescue in New York, the puppies then had a rescue organization to help make sure all of their fighting would pay off in the end.

The rescue refused to let the dogs suffer anymore, and the two siblings started to feel better after just a week of intense medical treatment. They were healthy enough to go to a foster home while still receiving treatment, and that’s when their fur started growing in. They flourished under this newfound love they received. The pups were then cleared to go to New York and into the care of AMA Animal Rescue. Thanks to their rescue efforts, the two would go on to live long and healthy lives together. ?

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