Puppy Rescued From A.busive Home Finally Adopted, Has The Best Reaction To Meeting New O.wner

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When Joey Wagner, the creator of a non-profit animal rescue organization in Nova Scotia, came across the case of a Pit Bull puppy being held in an a.busive house, he knew he had to spring into action. But what he found there can shatter anyone to pieces.

To their horror, they found the pup in a very bad state. He had bad bruises all over and mange (a skin disease caused by mites) had spread everywhere. The pup needed immediate vet care and was rushed to the hospital, where he was treated carefully and gently. He slowly recovered and they chose to name him Mojo!



Now, to find Mojo a good home wasn’t going to be easy because the animal rescuers were very cautious considering how Mojo’s last experience was. But Mojo was in for a sweet surprise.

When the day finally arrived for Mojo to meet his new o.wner, his reaction is what sent the video viral. Mojo’s new o.wner was none other that is the rescuer, Joey Wagner!



The moment the grateful little pup climbs onto the o.wner and clings to him has everyone in tears. Mojo knows exactly who Joey is and is so grateful, he showers Joey with innumerable licks on his face, showing just how much he loves Joey.

This went on for a good 10 minutes, during which Mojo even knocks Joey’s cap off twice. What a beautiful sight!

To watch Mojo express his love, see the video below!

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