Puppy Found Discarded In Bag In Dumpster With Tail Cut Off And Burns All Over

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A puppy, now named Hope, is in intensive care after she was found discarded in a plastic bag in a dumpster in Coachella, California.

The puppy, who is only a few weeks old, was found after a woman heard her crying in a dumpster near her job. She brought her to the owner of a local jewelry store, who then rushed her to the emergency animal hospital.

Hope has suffered burns on her back, which look to have been form a substance or metal object such as an iron. She has a deep cut on her head and part of her tail is also cut off, along with being unable to walk from the abuse.


She is currently being treated and on 24-hour monitoring at VCA Animal Hospital in La Quinta. So far, she is doing better; she as more energy and is eating well. As for her back legs, she still has minimal mobility, but her caretakers are remaining hopeful.

The daughter of the woman who found Hope, Alejandra Espinoza Zazueta, plans to adopt Hope once she is fully recovered. “Regardless of her injuries and possible future treatments, we will love her unconditionally,” Alejandra wrote on GoFundMe. “My family and I have already researched dog wheelchairs incase she isn’t able to walk.”

The cruel person who did this to Hope is not yet known, but police are currently investigating.


The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible.

Video footage from local stores in the shopping center where the dumpster is located at 49849 Harrison Street in Coachella is currently being reviewed.

This sad case comes just weeks after a similar incident where seven puppies were rescued after they were found dumped in a Coachella dumpster. A woman named Deborah Culwell was later charged with animal cruelty.

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