Puppy Escapes His Home And Instantly Regrets It, Rings Doorbell To Get Back In

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Have you ever done something and then shortly afterward, realize it was a bad decision? I think we’ve all experienced that at least once in our lives, and apparently that feeling isn’t unique to just humans.

This three-month-old puppy, named Marshall, instantly regretted his decision to escape his Spokane, Washington home. He managed to get out, but instead of running away like most dogs would, he quickly changed his mind in hilarious fashion.


When he realized he made a huge mistake, he tried getting back into the house. First, he scratched on the door, and then he even rang the doorbell (which makes a knocking sound) a few times using his nose!

Luckily for us, the family’s surveillance camera caught the whole thing on tape. In the video below, you’ll see the adorable Golden Retriever pup struggle to get inside.


Thankfully, someone heard Marshall and let him back in the house. We can only hope that he learned his lesson and will think twice before escaping next time.

In the meantime, we can thank his owner Greg Basel, for uploading the video for all of us to see.

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