Puppy covered in severe mange sores all over, couldn’t sleep due to extreme pain

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Little Buster was still getting his baby teeth when his rescuers found him suffering from advanced mange. He was covered in painful sores all over and needed emergency treatment.

Source: tayrclark/Imgur


Buster’s condition was so severe that he wasn’t able to lie down to sleep because of all the pain he was in. His open and infected sores would bleed all the time, but his rescuers vowed to give him a chance to fight back.

In this heartbreaking video, we see Buster’s slow and painful recovery in his foster home. His foster mom cared for him day and night and gave him the strength to carry on in spite of the pain. Boujee, his canine sibling, also looked after him with licks and kisses.

Source: tayrclark/Imgur


By the end of this video, Buster is considerably healed. His baths are now painless, and he can sleep with a comfortable smile on his face!

Source: Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society/Facebook


Eventually, after enduring months of healing, Buster has found a forever home with a family that drove from Alabama to Oklahoma to get him. Buster has indeed come a long way and we are delighted that this precious baby is now safe and happy!

Click the video below to watch Buster’s emotional journey of healing and finding a home!

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