Puppies tra.pped deep in the earth give rescuers the greatest surprise

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There are animal rescues and then there’s THIS! Something so heroic, so amazing, that it will stay with you for the rest of your life!

After attending their dear friend’s funeral, Eldad and Lisa, with Hope For Paws, made their way to a cave that housed puppies in need of a rescue. The setting proved challenging. The low cave that housed the litter weaved deep into the earth.

The team used cheeseburgers to coax the babies, which worked at first. But as fear and uncertainty set in, the puppies retreated further into the den.

Eldad had to use his wits and a pole with a harness to retrieve the next puppy but then something spooked them and they retreated further into the cave. They estimated that the puppies were 18 feet in. WHOA! Now what?!

They couldn’t give up! So, they began to dig in the middle, hoping to create a shorter route. They had to dig gently because the cave could collapse and then the rescue mission would be over.

As Hope For Paws grew braver and more crafty, the puppies grew scared. They weren’t used to humans and fought back, biting Eldad as he grabbed them. BUT he never gave up! Eldad continued with Lisa pulling him out of the cave by his feet, with feisty puppy after feisty puppy in hand.

The ending is the best part that you just have to see for yourself. ALL animal rescues are special but this one is simply INCREDIBLE! Eldad and Lisa, with other Hope For Paws team members, exhibit a tenacity that animal lovers will applaud over and over again!

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