Pup Was Stuffed In Feed Bag Tied Shut With Rope & Tossed On Side Of Road To D.ie

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A nine-month-old Chihuahua mix, now named Amigo, was stuffed into a feed bag that was then tied shut with a rope and thrown on the side of a road in Tulare County, California.

Although he was left there to d.ie, he was thankfully found just in the nick of time, but other animals were not as lucky. When Valley Oak SPCA staff was leaving the area, they discovered four more feed bags stuffed full of birds, roosters and puppies.

Valley Oak SPCA/Facebook

Denice Nelson, who lives near the dumping site, says Amigo was the fifth dog to be dumped near her house in the span of a week, and believes nearly 30 dogs have been dumped there in the past 12 years.

It’s unknown why these animals are being dumped, but Lydia House, Executive Director of Valley Oak SPCA, believes people are doing it out of desperation because they cannot afford to care for them, but of course there is no excuse.

Valley Oak SPCA/Facebook

House urges people to bring animals they can no longer care for to shelters and organizations like Valley Oak SPCA who will help, as opposed to dumping them.

Amigo, who is still very nervous and anxious, was evaluated by a vet and placed in a foster home, where he will stay for a few weeks to recover. He will eventually be put up for adoption when he is ready.

Valley Oak SPCA/Facebook

If you live in the area where Amigo and other animals are constantly dumped, and you witness such sickening events, you can reach out to Tulare County Animal Control dispatch at 559-636-4050, Visalia Animal Services dispatch at 559-713-4957, or you can send anonymous tips to the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office at 559-725-4194 or [email protected].

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