This Pup Is Set To Be Put Down As She Fails To Get Adopted Due To Her Coat Color

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Just when you think we have made progress towards building a race-free society, a new form of prejudice crops up. This time, it is in the form of discrimination against dark-coated pets. Shelter workers often call it the “Black Dog Syndrome”, as prospective adopters prefer light-furred pups over their dark-furred counterparts.


Facebook/Save SBC Shelter Pups


For one Fox Terrier pup named Gigi, this aversion towards her coat color has become the ugly truth of her life. Temporarily accommodated in the San Bernardino Animal Shelter(SBAS) in San Bernadino, California, Gigi has been rejected by several families because of her dark coat.
The preference for light or blonde coats might be attributed to unfounded superstitions that correlate black coats with bad omens. Likewise in literature or popular culture, we have seen many representations of black-furred animals as evil or intimidating.

Over time, our minds have been subconsciously conditioned to avoid them entirely. It is no surprise that black dogs get euthanized at higher rates. It is sad to think of how so many of our black furry friends have been denied the comfortable lives they deserve because of their ‘unwanted’ features.

Sadly for sweet-natured Gigi, the lack of a forever home means that she would eventually be euthanized. Let’s do our part and share this story to help Gigi find a nice home. San Bernardino City Animal Shelter can be reached at (909) 384-1304 and the reference ID for Kiki is #A502791.

It is time we fight this bias and show some love to our dark furry friends!

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