The Only Pup Left Wouldn’t Stop Crying And Foster Mom’s Heartbeat Is His Only Comfort

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After a devastating loss, one puppy taken in by a wonderful foster mom, needed more affection to feel safe.

Rhett, a beautiful boy, was born into a litter of six puppies. His mother was sent to one foster home while three of the siblings were sent to another. He and two brothers were, in turn, sent to a third foster home.

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But then the most devastating thing happened. One of his brothers passed away. The veterinarian was unsure what exactly caused the significant health decline but Rhett’s foster mom, Mariann Wright-Feliciano, was very concerned. Then, in another heartbreaking twist, Rhett’s other brother got very sick too! He had to be hospitalized.

Rhett’s brother would survive but he could not live with Rhett. He needed special care and because they were unsure what made the puppies so sick, no one wanted to chance Rhett’s health either.

The loss of his siblings broke Rhett’s heart. Before, he had five other warm furry bodies to comfort him– and his mom. Now it was just him.

Mariann knew the transition wouldn’t be easy. Rhett was lonely and confused. He suffered from separation anxiety for good reason! Mariann went out and bought him a soft new bed with blankets and a stuffed camel that was about his size. She figured this might help. Sadly, it didn’t and Rhett would cry and cry.

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Then Mariann had a lightbulb moment. Holding Rhett calmed him down considerably but how could she hold him (and hold him) and still get things done? That’s when Mariann bought a baby sling. Sure, it was meant for human babies but weren’t human babies and puppies in need of the same thing, comfort and care?

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The sling worked! Rhett cherished every moment with Mariann while he snuggled up against her warm body and felt her heart beating.

Mariann knew that Rhett couldn’t get too dependent on the sling or he would never be okay without it. So she would limit his time in there. 20 minutes, then 15. But with each sling session, Rhett became more confident even when he was out of his sling.

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Rhett made a wonderful turnaround in spite of his traumatic life. He became more independent and playful. He loved to entertain himself by exploring and playing with his toys.

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Soon, Rhett outgrew his sling and he didn’t seem to miss it at all. Mariann knew exactly what Rhett needed and provided all she could to get him to where he needed to be. Now that’s what I call LOVE!

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