Pup With Crooked Face Was Neglected By His Owners And Abandoned In A Yard

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Woody the Pit Bull may look different, but he is just like any other pup – loving, energetic, and playful. Yet some may think he has a face that only a mother could love.

But his crooked face is sadly a result of negligence from his previous family. When he was just five weeks old, he was attacked by another dog. His owners never got him the medical care he needed, so his facial deformities became permanent.


But that wasn’t even the worst thing they did to poor Woody. Soon after the attack, his owners moved away and left him behind, chained up in their backyard all alone.

Neighbors began feeding Woody and eventually called Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation (SNARR) for help.


Staff at the rescue fell in love with Woody and quickly learned that his past does not define the kind of pup he is. Despite everything he had been through, he still trusted humans and was a very happy dog. Thankfully, his facial deformities do not cause him any pain.


Now that Woody was safe, it was time to find him a loving forever home. In the meantime, he went to live with a foster. His foster mom, Jamie Bond, fell in love with him, just as everyone else who has met him has.


Although Woody’s previous owners did not want him, many other people saw through his imperfections. SNARR was flooded with applications from people who wanted to make Woody part of their family. And right before Christmas, Woody got his holiday miracle! He found a loving forever home and never has to worry about being neglected or abandoned ever again.


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