Pregnant Dog Sits By Door Every Day, Waiting For The Family Who Left Her Behind

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While Tania Cappelluti was living in Costa Rica, she worked together with some locals in the community and founded Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue Costa Rica (CAARCR), after witnessing how bad the stray population was there. Their goal was to help as many strays find loving homes as possible.

But things were not much different back in her hometown of Berlin, Germany. And that became painfully obvious when she arrived home to see a pregnant dog leaning against a house. She later found out that the family had moved away, leaving their dog behind to fend for herself.


The dog had no food or water and sat by the house every single day and night, waiting for her family to return for her. But sadly, they never did.

Cappelluti asked the neighbor to take the dog in while she quickly tried to find a rescue organization or a foster that could take her in before she gave birth.


Luckily, she finally found a man named Wynn Mackey who agreed to take the dog, now named Marie, into his home. Mackey has fostered many dogs in the past for Cappelluti and even has a few dogs of his own.

Mackey took great care of Marie and even made a little bed for her so she could relax until it was time to give birth.

CAARCR via The Dodo

Soon after, Marie gave birth to seven healthy puppies! Marie is such a great mom and never leaves her babies’ sides.

For now, Marie and her puppies will continue to relax at Mackey’s house, but will all be available for adoption once they are ready.


Watch Marie and her puppies in the video below:

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