Police Snatch Away Homeless Man’s Pooch, She Was His Only Family In The World

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For Hector, a homeless man who sleeps behind the Target in Duarte, California, his Chihuahua named Amy means the world to him. He himself lives out of a shopping cart, but makes sure that Amy is warm, well-groomed, and all her needs are met without fail.

Source: handinpaw/Instagram


Even after being a dedicated dad to Amy, Hector’s future with Amy was threatened. He failed to procure a license for Amy due to the lack of an address, which resulted in police officers visiting him daily with the intention to take her away from him.

Poor Hector resorted to desperate measures to save Amy. He shared his story with the people outside the grocery store and pleaded for their help. Soon, his story reached Piper Wood, the founder of “Hand in Paw”. Piper was moved at his plight and decided to help him secure a future with Amy.

Source: handinpaw/Instagram


Piper met Hector and realized that the poor man couldn’t live without Amy. He struggled to speak due to a previous stroke attack, but his eyes twinkled every time he talked about Amy. She shared Hector’s predicament on her Instagram page, and urged people to help raise funds for him. Soon, there was enough funds to get Amy vetted and cared for!

Source: handinpaw/Instagram


Piper bought Amy some quality dog food and a personal stroller before getting her licensed. Sweet Hector cried tears of happiness when he realized that Amy wasn’t going anywhere ever again! We thank Piper and her team for being such angels to Hector and Amy. What an uplifting story of kindness!

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