Police found missing dog 30 minutes after looking at unbelievably simple drawing

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As pet lost cases are common anywhere you live, sometimes people often give up in the process of looking for their beloved animal companions. That includes one pet owner in Pingtung County who lost his pet dog nearly a month ago until he asked for help from a police officer.

According to reports, the man known as Chen lost his dog when he left his black Dobermann dog at home. He discovered that his dog was gone when he went home and has been anxiously looking for it for almost a month.

Chen lost his pet dog and it is nowhere to be found yet.

Chen even let his daughter posted about it on his social media account offering NT$ 6,000 (US$194.86) for those who found the dog but the effort was to no avail.

Due to its small size, his dog was often mistaken for a Chihuahua. As the breeders of Dobermann are quite rare in Taiwan, Chen keeps on looking for his dog but later decided to report the case at a police station as his last resort.

When Chen arrived at the police station, the police officer-in-charge named Li Shangxun asked him to provide some information during the consultation. Instead of providing a photo of the lost dog, Chen surprisingly gave Li an unbelievably simple hand-drawn picture.

Chen handed a paper of his drawing to officer Li. Using this hand-drawn picture, the police managed to find the lost Dobermann dog within 30 minutes.

Credit: Facebook/BC News

That is one unbelievably simple drawing of a dog.

Due to a crucial clue that was drawn in the dog picture, officer Li managed to find the lost dog in only 30 minutes—making people amazed with his remarkable observation and enthusiastic approach in handling the case.

Officer Li found the missing dog on the industrial road in his area.

He was not quite sure but still took the dog with him to the police station.

After contacting the dog owner, it was confirmed that Li found the missing Dobermann dog.

Officer Li explained that the small white spot near the left ear of the dog and behind the corner of its mouth is the crucial hint that helped him to find the missing dog.

Looking at the picture of the dog, it looked like it was drawn in rush—with only simple lines and dots. Some even mistaken the dog picture as some kind of fox. However, the picture actually shows Chen’s love for his dog as it clearly shown its important characteristics like the dog’s small white spot.

People are praising officer Li’s amazing observation.

Chen is extremely thankful to Li for finding his missing dog.

Even when the picture undeniably looked quite distorted, Chen didn’t miss out on important hint to make sure the police was able to look for his dog. Having difficulty sleeping as he worries about his dog too much, Chen is very grateful that Li manages to find his pet very quickly.

We’re glad they found the dog before anything bad happens to it.

Watch the full video here:

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