He Places a Homeless Poodle Into His Car, Now Keep Your Eyes on Her Fur

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Hope For Paws got a call about a stray Poodle that was obviously on the streets for a very long time. No matter the situation, the volunteers with Hope For Paws never hesitate. Helping animals in need is what they’re all about! But Eldad wasn’t prepared for this kind of neglect! Eldad approaches the dog and he can see that she has been on her own for a long time.

This Poodle is a mess! The poor pup has clumps of matted hair all over her body. Her once beautiful coat is dingy and dirty. Her eyes are hidden and she can hardly see. Eldad tries to capture her but she’s scared and tries to bite the leash. His next try works! YAY, this pup’s life is going to get much better now!

And here comes the lucky red leash! You know once that is on, that things are going to be okay! Eldad pulls away layers of hair to find out if the dog is a boy or a girl. The Poodle is a girl and they name her Dolly.

Next, Dolly is placed in Eldad’s car. Now that he’s close to her, he can really see how badly matted she is. Her paws look like boots! Next stop… the groomer’s!

Dolly gets a much-deserved makeover. And before long, she is checked out by the medical staff and ready to go up for adoption. Just look at that smile!!! If anyone deserves a happy ending, it’s Dolly! Do you think she finds her forever home? See her whole story below!

Photos courtesy of Hope For Paws, YouTube

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