Pit Bull Makes His Bed Every Day At Shelter, Hoping Someone Will Pick Him Too

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Rush was a sad and scared Pit Bull when he first arrived at the SICSA Pet Adoption Center. Life as a homeless stray had made him tense, so the shelter workers gave him lots of treats and a comfy bed, to help him feel at ease.

Facebook/SICSA Pet Adoption Center


Days passed by, and Rush realized that he should use his time at the shelter to find himself a loving home. One day, when the shelter workers walked past his kennel, they were shocked to see him making his own bed!

The workers decided to investigate and sure enough, they found that Rush would wake up early every morning to tidy up and make his own bed. That way, when any would-be adopter would come to see him, he would be sitting upright on a neat bed, staring at them longingly!

Facebook/SICSA Pet Adoption Center


The workers decided to film Rush’s sweet routine and share it with other pet-lovers. They hoped that Rush would catch someone’s fancy. The video soon went viral, and Rush ended up having a lot of applications for adoption!

Facebook/SICSA Pet Adoption Center


After a lot of screening, Rush was homed with a couple who had lost their dog the year before. We are so happy that this adorable cuddle baby found the perfect home. What a sweet happy ending!

Click the video below to watch the sweet Rush make his own bed!

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