Pit Bull Was Dumped Because Of Her “Ugly” Looks, Finds A Dad Who Cherishes Her

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Little Sassy is a Pit Bull who was quite unlucky with the genetic lottery. She was born with a number of congenital disorders, including dwarfism. She had trouble walking with her twisted legs and flat feet, while her oral deformities made breathing and barking difficult.

Facebook/Sassy- The Small Wonder


Vets didn’t think Sassy would live past three years of age, so her breeder dumped her at a shelter, thinking she would be euthanized. But animal rescue group ‘Forgotten Friends of Long Island’ (FFOLI) refused to give up on her.

FFOLI workers are a bunch dedicated to dogs with special needs. They set up a Facebook page to help her find the perfect home. Soon, Ernie Altamirano, a resident of Long Island, came forward to adopt Sassy.



Ernie already has two special needs pets. He is committed to taking care of Sassy as he often carries her around in a stroller. He absolutely adores Sassy, as he tells The Dodo, She’s so sweet. You can’t not love this dog. She’s just the happiest little girl.



Today, 5-year-old Sassy is way past the life-expectancy tagged on her. She has overcome all hereditary glitches to live the happiest life with her dad and siblings. Vets believe her defects are a result of irresponsible in-breeding, but we are so thankful for angels like Ernie who go out of their way to care for their special needs pets!

Click the video below to watch Sassy living the good life with the best dad ever!

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