Pit Bull A.bused & Chained So Tight He Couldn’t Lie Down, Denied Food By Owners

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Some people don’t deserve to have pets as they resort to violent and brutal methods to “tone down” their pets. Disciplining a pet can be challenging, but there are many harmless yet effective ways to do so.

Animal Haven


Totopo, a 3-year-old Pit Bull from Cancun, Mexico, shared a similar bad fate when he was found in a pathetic condition by a woman. He was mercilessly chained up outside a house, without food or water. The tight chain wouldn’t let him lie down to sleep, so he would just lean against the wall to get some rest.

The rest of his body was in a sorry state as well. His skin was burnt in several places, while ringworm and mange had further deteriorated his health. Tiffany Lacey, director of Animal Haven, told The Dodo, “The crop job on his ears looked like they had been done with scissors or a knife. And his canines were shaved down.”

Animal Haven


The family that owned him claimed that he was being punished for chasing a chicken, and it was somehow negotiated that they surrender Totopo. He was later taken in by Matteo Saucedo, who runs Riviera Rescue AC.

When New York worker Lacey saw him on Facebook, she immediately made arrangements to fly him over and help him look for a forever home. Totopo came in with two other paralysed dogs, and Lacey’s team is helping them find a good home.

Animal Haven


Totopo has been adjusting well to New York life. His injuries are healing well although his fur would take some time to grow back. “He’s unfazed by all the terrible things that humans have done to him,” Lacey said. “It either hasn’t sunk in, or he’s just so loving … it’s unbelievable.”

Animal Haven


He has been so sweet that people are already lining up to adopt him. He loves hugging and playing with other dogs. Let’s hope he gets a warm home and a loving family to help him forget all the torture he has been through.

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