Photographer Uses Flower Power To Help Abandoned PitBulls Find Forever Homes

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A breed with a stigma for being aggressive – bred to fight and that’s it – has been given a make over to reveal their softer side by professional photographer Sophie Gamand. Her studio, Striking Paws, uses photography to help homeless pets.

One of her recent galleries is full of pitties in fairytale-esque portraits, all with flowers on their heads. It gives the bred a who new look.

“Working with shelter pit bulls (rescue pit bulls waiting for adoption), I created a gallery of ethereal portraits to not only help these dogs get adopted, but also help change the way we view pit bulls,” Gamand says.

All 120 pitties were adoptable at one time, and most have found homes, thanks in part we are sure, for Gamand’s amazing work! Love it? She is coming out with 2016 calendar soon, and she currently sells prints, pillow cases, pouches, scarves etc., that bare the images. She uses the money to fund the project, which she is hoping to take on the road next year and take images of pit bull in shelters across America. Personally, I love the tote bags!


Check out 20 of her amazing images below, and see the rest on her website.

#1 – Parmalee, Hempstead Town Animal Shelter

1 parmaleeLL

#2 – Athena, Sean Casey Rescue, New York 

2 Athena

#3 – Amy, Animal Haven, New York (ADOPTABLE – Click HERE for more information) 

3 AmyLL

#4 –  Sarai, Rebound Hounds, New York

4 saraiL

#5 – Adrienne, Hempstead Town Animal Shelter (ADOPTABLE – Click HERE for more information)

5 adrienneLL

#6 – Jimmy Dean (aka JD), Motley Mutts Rescue (ADOPTABLE – Click HERE for more information)


#7 – Thelma, Hempstead Town Animal Shelter

7 thelmaLL

#8 – Remy, Hempstead Town Animal Shelter

8 remyLL



#9 – Slim, Sean Casey Animal Rescue, New York (ADOPTABLE – Click HERE for more information)

9 slim

#10 – Joey (ADOPTABLE – Click HERE for more information)

10 JoeyLL

#11 – Midnight, Second Chance Rescue

11 midnightLL

#12 – Devon, Animal Haven (ADOPTABLE – Click HERE for more information) 

12 DevonLL

#13 – Coco, Brookhaven Animal Shelter

13 cocoL

#14 – Marshall, The Sato Project, New York

14 marshall

#15 – Truffles, Brookhaven Animal Shelter (ADOPTABLE – Click HERE for more information)

15 trufflesL

#16 – Dean, Hempstead Town Animal Shelter

16 deanLL

#17 – Bullet, Brookhaven Animal Shelter (ADOPTABLE – Click HERE for more information)

17 bulletL

#18 – Sheana, Hempstead Town Animal Shelter

18 sheanaLL

#19 –  Brock

19 brockL

#20 – Casanova

20 casanova

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