Petrified Stray Cries Like A Human Until Rescuers Prove That Love Does Exist

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Homeless dogs do things that absolutely break our hearts and make us want to work harder to get them the forever homes they deserve. Rain the German Shepherd was lonely, sick, and scared to death. She was also a stray, had no one to care for her, and when she cried, she sounded like a person with her painstaking sounds.

Source: YouTube

The dog was seen running around neighborhood streets in California by different people. Folks wanted to help, but the very fearful dog would not let get anyone near her. She wasn’t aggressive, but she was extremely frightened.

When Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte from Hope for Paws showed up on the scene, they tried to get the dog to trust them by feeding her hamburger meat. Rain cowered behind a vehicle and you could tell by her actions and her sounds that someone hurt her badly.

Source: YouTube

Thankfully, Loreta was able to coax the dog out with the help of the woman who called the rescue to help her capture the pooch.

Source: YouTube

It took about two weeks for the dog to start trusting people, but once she did, she showed her fun, loving, sassy side. They renamed her Sassy Pants Dunbar and found her a loving, forever home!

Source: YouTube

See the amazing rescue, the love from the rescuers, and the transformation of a once abused stray animal into a beautiful, trusting dog. Click play on the happy ending video below.


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