Petrified 6-Week-Old Puppy Cowered In A Corner As Evil Kids Threw Rocks At Him

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Little Murphy was found cowering in a corner, hiding from evil kids who were throwing rocks at him. He was petrified and had nowhere else to go for safety.

Thankfully, he was rescued just in time by Sidewalk Specials and brought to the Vet Point clinic.

youtube/sidewalk specials

After vets examined him, it was obvious that he had never been looked after before. At just six weeks old, poor little Murphy was suffering from anemia, which was from the hundreds of ticks that were found on his body.

Vets got to work, picking tick by tick off of his body, before giving him a much-needed bath.

youtube/sidewalk specials

While Murphy is being treated, he is staying with a foster where he has made friends with his new doggy foster sibling.

He now gets to lay in a warm bed instead of the streets, and never has to worry about anyone harming him ever again. He even gets to accompany his new foster mom at work!

youtube/sidewalk specials

The only thing missing now is a forever home. If you’re interested in adopting sweet little Murphy, please email [email protected].

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