Her Paws Bled After She Was Discarded Like Trash, But Now She Sniffs Out Bombs

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Some kids playing in a neighborhood in Denver saw a skinny dog being dumped out of a car. The car drove off, leaving the traumatized dog behind. The dog, named Karma,  spent the next 5 days in fear and starvation on the streets, but wouldn’t allow anyone to come near her.

Source: FOX31 Denver/YouTube


Finally after much coaxing, Karma was rescued by a determined mother-son duo. Karma was underweight and her paws bled from her street struggles, so they took her to the vet’s. There, they were surprised to find that she was a Belgian Malinois – a breed known for their agility, sharpness and dutiful conduct.

When Deputy Patrick Hynes heard about the 2-year-old Karma, he knew she would make an excellent police dog. Patrick’s previous K9 partner, an 8-year-old chocolate Lab named Taylor, was recently retired due to arthritis, and currently lives with him.

Source: Denver Sheriff Department/Facebook


Patrick brought Karma home and spent the next few months training her to detect explosives. She soon got her badge and a title, and has enjoyed a successful run in her work so far. At home, she loves her time with Taylor and Patrick’s family.

Source: Denver Sheriff Department/Facebook


Karma is still very standoffish due to her past struggles, but she looks forward to keeping her jurisdiction safe from bombs and shooters every day. Karma is one brave dog and we wish her all the luck!

Click the video below to watch Karma’s journey from the streets to being an indispensable part of the police force!

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