Patrick Stewart’s Fostering The Sweetest Dog – And She Can’t Stop Smiling At Him

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Patrick Stewart is known for his roles in many movies and television shows, but aside from acting, he also has a soft spot for dogs.

Back in 2017, Stewart fostered an adorable pup named Ginger, who has since been adopted. But Stewart says fostering Ginger “left a lingering joy” in his life.


That lingering joy has led Stewart to foster yet another dog. The new dog, a Pit Bull mix named Emma, is an absolute cuddle-bug and loves to snooze on the couch on Stewart’s chest.

Stewart describes her as an extremely sweet doggy who is “sensitive, intelligent, and gentle…all wrapped up in 38 pounds of pocket pittie-mix love.”


Emma is being fostered out of Wags and Walks, an adoption center in Los Angeles, California.

Although breed-specific legislation (BSL) prevents him from owning a Pit Bull in the UK, he is still able to foster these pups while he is in the United States. (Stewart splits his time between living in the UK and the US).


While Emma is being showered with lots of love and kisses from her foster-dad, she is still searching for a forever home.

According to Wags and Walks, Emma is three years old with a gentle spirit. She loves people and greets everyone she meets with a “full body wiggle.”

Wags and Walks

She is calm and well-mannered, yet is still very playful and full of energy. She’s up to date on her vaccinations and is spayed and microchipped.

If you’re interested in adopting Emma, click here to apply.

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