Patrick Stewart Struggles To Cope As His Senior Foster Dog Loses Battle With Illness

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Patrick Stewart and his wife, Sunny Ozell, always keep an eye out for needy dogs in the local shelters in order to foster them. That’s how they met Leonard (Lenny), a 10-year-old Pit Bull who never had the joy of a loving home.

Source: sirpatstew/Instagram


When Patrick rescued Lenny from the high-k.ill s.helter, Lenny was sick with cataract, bowel obstruction, a heart murmur, and abnormal blood pressure. But Patrick believed that Lenny would get better once he experienced the care and comfort of a nurturing home.

However, Lenny’s old and weak body couldn’t sustain for long. Lenny was rushed to the ICU for symptoms of “kennel cough”. But he was later diagnosed to be suffering from advanced pneumonia. As Lenny was inching towards a painful multiple-organ shutdown, Patrick and Sunny consented to put him down with a heavy heart.

Source: madameozell/Instagram


The grieving couple is now being haunted by Lenny’s happy memories in their house. Since Lenny had lived on the concrete all his life, he just loved to snuggle with Patrick on their favorite soft chair. In their 5 days together, Lenny generously showered his parents with cuddles and kisses.

Source: madameozell/Instagram


Patrick and Sunny find it unfair that a sweet dog like Lenny never had a comfortable life and passed away too soon. They hope to keep Lenny alive in their thoughts and continue their mission to help forsaken dogs like him. We hope you are now in a good place, Lenny. Rest in peace.

Click the video below to know more about Lenny’s bittersweet 5-day journey in his new home.

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