Paralyzed dog with cancer dumped on the cold beach, he was left to all alone

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A rescuer from “Takis Shelter” heard about an abandoned dog sitting motionless in the freezing beach waters. When he arrived there, he was shocked to learn that the dog was paralyzed due to a broken spine, and had a big painful lump on his face.

Source: Takis Shelter/YouTube


He named the dog “Black” and moved in to help. But Black was so traumatized that he straight up growled and fought back anybody who tried to touch him. He was in so much pain that all he could do was cry in agony.

After much effort, the rescuer was able to get Black back to the shelter. Black was given painkillers that helped him sleep. His medical reports broke everyone’s hearts as they realized that he had terminal cancer with just a few months to live.

Source: Takis Shelter/YouTube


The doctors suggested euthanasia, but Black’s rescuer wanted to give him another chance at a happy life. Black is now rigged to a wheelchair that lets him move and play with other dogs in the shelter.

Source: Takis Shelter/YouTube


Although Black doesn’t have long to live, he is spending his final few months being loved and cherished by the people around him. As we see the smile crawl back on his face, we know that his rescuer did the right thing by giving him at least a few happy months in his life!

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