Panic-Stricken Pup Hid In Bushes After His Siblings Were Hit By Passing Cars

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A tiny puppy, now named Angel, was found hiding in the bushes near a road in Karditsa, Greece, after all of his siblings had been hit and killed by cars. He was the only one who survived.

When rescuers arrived, they tried to find a mother dog, but she was nowhere in sight. It’s unknown if the pups were born as strays or if they were dumped there, but it’s not uncommon to see dogs wandering the streets of Greece.

The Orphan Pet/Youtube

Poor Angel was all alone, terrified, and in awful shape. He was severely malnourished and had mange all over his little body. When they brought him to the vet for a medical exam, they found out that he also have parvo.

The Orphan Pet/Youtube

Parvo nearly cost him his life, but Angel proved just how strong he really was. He successfully beat parvo and went on to live with a foster, where he will continue to heal and grow.

Ermioni Giannakou/Facebook

Angel has been through so much in his short life, and now he is just waiting for the perfect forever home to live happily ever after.

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