Owner Mad At Dog For Giving Birth, Dumps Newborn Puppies Without Their Mama

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When shelter workers found three newborn pups at their doorstep, they instantly knew that some irresponsible owner had decided to get rid of an unwanted litter once again. These newborn pups were snatched away from their mama and dumped when they hadn’t even opened their eyes yet.

Source: Vet Ranch/YouTube


The puppies needed 24/7 nursing to survive, so the rescue group “Vet Ranch” stepped in to help. Vet technician Dr. Karri spent extended time tending to these dying, fleas-infested puppies. She kept them well-fed and warm until they slowly started getting stronger.

The newborn pups were growing up, but their eyes still kept looking for their mama. So Dr. Karri and her team made sure that the pups get all the love that they need. The puppies were named River, Willow and Meadow.

Source: Vet Ranch/YouTube

This video captures the puppies’ initial fight for survival and how they eventually grow up to be little bundles of joy. We thank the Vet Ranch team for their dedicated efforts to save these motherless pups. These cute little puppies are now looking for their forever homes. Put the word out and help these babies find homes.

Source: Vet Ranch/YouTube


Information about their adoption can be found here. Do share their story and help these angels find their forever homes.

Click the video below to watch the adorable River, Willow and Meadow growing up at Vet Ranch!

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