Her Owner Glued Her Feet To The Road, Wanted Her To Be Run Over By A Car

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An Oregon man named Chuck Hawley was driving down his usual route when he noticed many cars swerving by a bag-like object. Chuck wondered if an animal was in danger and decided to stop. His instincts were right, as he found a helpless kitten with her paws glued tight to the ground.

Source: Sticky the Kitty/Facebook


Chuck was horrified but he acted fast nevertheless. He carefully scraped the ground to free the kitten and took her to a nearby animal hospital. The kitten also had a puncture wound in her neck. The staff carefully rubbed off the cement and glue with oil and treated her wounds.

Chuck knew he had to adopt the a.bused kitten and give her a good life. He named her Sticky and showed her all the wonders of a comfortable life as a beloved pet. But Chuck wanted to do something more to help a.bused animals like her.

Source: Sticky the Kitty/Facebook


Like a creative and big-hearted genius, Chuck used his collective experience with Sticky to run anti-bullying and compassion campaigns with kids. He believes if kids learn the correct things, the future will set itself right. He has also created visual and written art with Sticky as his inspiration.

Source: Sticky the Kitty/Facebook


This video documents Chuck’s eventful journey with Sticky, and why he was chosen for the “Diamond Collar Award” by the Oregon Humane Society. Chuck and Sticky have left us with a burst of inspiration, and we are thankful for their generous acts towards society!

Click the video below to watch how Chuck saved Sticky and changed her life!

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