Owner Didn’t Want Puppies, So They Threw Them On Busy Road To Become Roadkill

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Andrei Matei was driving home when he noticed a small puppy dash across the road. Andrei panicked and hit the brakes to save the little one. The incident was enough to unsettle him and he stopped to check on the puppy.

Source: Aura Vasile/Facebook


As Andrei got out of the car, he was shocked to find 2 other puppies waiting defenselessly by the side of the road. The puppies, who were clearly abandoned, were on their own trying to survive on the busy street.

Andrei was clueless about how to help them. The road was no safe place for the pups, so he tucked them in his car and drove them to his home. There, he fed them and kept them warm. He updated his friends about the helpless puppies, and sought tips on the next course of action.

Source: Aura Vasile/Facebook


One of his friends suggested Andrei to reach out to Aura Vasile, a local animal rescuer. Andrei contacted Aura and shared the puppies’ plight. Aura immediately sprang into action and met up with Andrei at the vet’s clinic. The puppies were treated for fleas and worms while Aura relieved Andrei from his voluntary care duties.

Source: Aura Vasile/Facebook


Even after surrendering the puppies to Aura, Andrei couldn’t stop thinking about them. He was relieved only after he found out that Aura had successfully got the puppies adopted in good families within a week.The puppies were indeed very lucky to be found by kind and responsible souls like Andrei and Aura!

Click the video below to watch the starved puppies having their first meal after rescue!

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