Owner Caught Him Digging A Hole Then Punished Him By Cutting His Legs Off

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True, an adorable mixed-breed puppy from Ukraine, sadly had his two front legs cut off by his former a.busive owner while he was digging a hole.

Luckily, he was able to drag himself toward a Good Samaritan who saved him and brought him to a shelter. Cause 4 Paws heard about him and transported him to Canada. Through Cause 4 Paws, a kind woman named Erin Blaak, of Ontario, fell in love with True and decided to take him in.


Since True was now unable to walk due to his missing front paws, Blaak knew she had to help him get a second chance at a normal life. She set up a GoFundMe page hoping to raise enough money to get True prosthetics.


Amazingly, the donations exceeded Blaak’s goal, raising more than $20,000 from people all over the country who fell in love with True.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity, True was able to get fitted with prosthetics to help him walk again. It will take time for him to get comfortable using them, but he has been receiving physiotherapy to help build his muscle and increase his strength to get him walking in the new prosthetics.

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Saving True isn’t the only amazing thing Blaak has done; In True’s honor, Blaak and Cause 4 Paws got together and created “The True Fund,” an organization who helps bring dogs with special needs to Canada.


Follow true.cause4paws on Instagram to keep up with updates on True.

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