Owner B.eat Dog To An Inch Of D.eath, T.ied Up His Snout Causing Permanent Damage

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When rescuers found a disfigured dog on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, they were appalled to find him covered in dozens of wounds. The locals explained that the dog’s owner had bound his snout tight with a sharp wire and b.eaten him black and blue.

Source: Helen Woodward Animal Center


The harsh streets turned out to be another nightmare for the dog. Neighbors were repulsed to see the “ugly” dog with the strange snout. They mercilessly stoned him and poured scalding hot water on him whenever the starving dog would beg for food.

Rescuers intervened just in time and brought the dog to a hospital in California. The dog’s mutilated snout made breathing and drinking laborious for him, so they set him up for multiple reconstructive surgeries and asked the public for funds. He was named Dwayne The Rock – to honor his strength and indomitable spirit.

Source: Helen Woodward Animal Center


Dwayne’s ex-owner remains untraceable and is yet to pay for his brutal crimes against the helpless baby. However, Dwayne hasn’t let his past a.buse disfigure his soul. He smiles like the sweetest angel to his caregivers, and hopes to heal himself and find the happy ending that he deserves! Let’s spread the word and help catch Dwayne’s a.busive owner.

Source: Helen Woodward Animal Center


Update: Over the past few months, Dwayne has made quite a recovery from his long list of traumatic injuries. However, his damaged snout and his battered front right leg will remain permanently deformed. The good thing is that Dwayne has found a forever home with a family that adores him and finds him infinitely handsome! But his a.buser is yet to be caught. Get the word out.

Click the video below to watch Dwayne’s haunting plight after he was just rescued from Mexico.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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