Orphan Dog Tears Up After Meeting Mama Cow Who Had Raised Him When He Was A Puppy

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Rookie is an orphaned puppy from South Korea who lives in a farm surrounded by many animals. He was sickly and dying when he was first brought to the farm. Fortunately, a motherly cow took him in and started nursing him with love and care.

Source: Kritter Klub/YouTube


As Rookie started growing up, he refused to leave his foster mama’s side. The farm owners cherished this sweet bond, but were forced to sell the cow when the farm faced a heavy financial crisis.

Rookie became orphaned once again as he saw his mama cow being taken away. He ran after her and begged the humans to stop, but it was a done deal. After that day, Rookie grew numb and refused to touch his food altogether.

Source: Kritter Klub/YouTube


The farm owners felt helpless at Rookie’s withdrawal and hoped that he would recover soon. But one day, Rookie buckled down and just ran away. He traced the cow’s smell and used his sharp hearing to follow the faint agonized moos of his mama miles away from the farm.

Source: Kritter Klub/YouTube


This incident disturbed Rookie’s owners to the core. With enormous hardships, they brought the cow back and reunited the pair. Rookie hugged his mama tight and was back to his happy and playful self. But the farm owners were still worried about Rookie’s social anxiety and depressing streak.

Source: Kritter Klub/YouTube


At the advice of a veterinarian, the farm owners rubbed the mama cow’s fur on another dog and introduced him to Rookie. Rookie was apprehensive at first, but he slowly sniffed and warmed up his new friend. The owners remain hopeful that Rookie will blossom into a confident and independent dog. Rookie is lucky is have such thoughtful owners!

Click the video below to watch Rookie’s unwavering love and dedication for the mama cow who raised him.

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