Ollie the puppy tickles our funny bone when he is introduced to cold water for the first time

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It’s normal for puppies around eight to ten weeks of age to be anxious or fearful of anything new or different in their surroundings. Sometimes, they would even overreact to harmless situations, which is what happened with Ollie, a miniature American Shepherd puppy.

Ollie is only 11 weeks old and still learning to get a grip on new life experiences when his owner, Beth Martin unintentionally gave him some cold water from the fridge. They had just returned from a walk and she thought the puppy would be thirsty. Much to her surprise, Ollie was hesitant about drinking the water!

Beth proceeded to record Ollie’s absurd reaction to the cold water whereby he would take a few half-hearted sips from his water bowl before running away from it. It seems that his fear was greater than his thirst or perhaps he’d imagined the water would turn into something from his worst nightmare.

“I cannot imagine how he will react to ice,” Beth joked. Let’s hope he will not flip out as he did in this video!

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