O.wners Surrender Senior Dog For Being ‘Stupid’, But Dog Finds Love With New O.wner

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Imagine being in the last stages of your life and having no one to look after you or love you. That’s the fate a senior dog almost ended up with, when his owners decided to give him up just before Christmas.

Facebook/Muttville Senior Dog Rescue


Figgy, an 18-year-old Poodle, is in the twilight of his life. He is old, blind, has arthritis, and has no teeth.

All he wants in his last days is some love and affection so he can move on peacefully when his time comes. But his owners had other ideas.

Facebook/Muttville Senior Dog Rescue


Figgy’s owners surrendered him to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue before Christmas. They gave all his physical challenges as reasons for the surrender, but added another awful reason – they thought he was ‘stupid.’ Poor Figgy.

Facebook/Muttville Senior Dog Rescue


With his wobbly walk, and his loving nature, Figgy immediately won over the hearts of the staff at Muttville. They decided to call in veteran hospice mom, Eileen, to see if she would be interested in giving Figgy a home.

Facebook/Muttville Senior Dog Rescue


Eileen fell in love with Figgy the moment she met him. She immediately adopted him. Thanks to the staff and Eileen, Figgy gets to spend the holidays and the golden years of his life in a loving new home with a loving new family.

Click the video below to watch Figgy’s Christmas miracle story!

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