O.wner M.ercilessly S.hoots Dog 40 Times, T.ies Her Up With W.ire & B.uries Her Alive

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Animal welfare officers in Malta received a tip about a d.istressed dog and immediately rushed to the remote location to help. They arrived to hear whimpering sounds coming from a wooden board that was weighed down using a tree trunk.

Source: ONE News Malta/YouTube


The officers removed the board to witness the h.orrifying sight of a dog’s face b.uried in the ground. As they worked to rescue the dog (later named Star), they found that she was t.ied i.mmobile and had been s.hot multiple times on her head at point blank range.

The doctors painstakingly removed over 40 p.ellets of a s.hotgun from Star’s forehead. Although still c.ritical, Star seems to be on the road to recovery and wags her tail at her caretakers. Meanwhile, the police and Malta Animal Welfare Department are d.esperately searching for Star’s m.erciless ex-owner/a.buser. Put the word out and help catch this dog’s a.buser.

Source: ONE News Malta/YouTube


Update: Star’s story caused a powerful stir among humanitarians around the world. After continuous campaigning and protest march, a man named Alfred Vella was finally tracked as the v.ile owner. He claimed that he tried to k.ill Star because she got old. He got away with 3 months in jail and a fine of €10,000.

Source: ONE News Malta/YouTube


Animal activists are hardly pleased with this sentence. They are currently lobbying for stricter animal c.ruelty laws in Malta. In a t.ragic development, Star p.assed away after bravely f.ighting her injuries. She was in the loving arms of her adoptive family and caregivers in her last moments. She has become a symbol of light and hope for the fight against animal c.ruelty. Rest in peace, d.ear Star. Do you think her a.buser’s punishment was enough?

Click the video below to watch how Star’s heartbreaking story caused a wave of u.prising in the tight-knit Maltese community.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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