O.wner Leaves Dog Locked In Hot Car With Dashboard Scalding At 158 Degrees

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As the temperatures get higher, the mindset of some people seems to get lower. Like many folks who disregard the welfare of their animals, a man in Pooler, Georgia is facing a charge of animal c.ruelty for leaving his dog in a hot vehicle.

Every time the weather is hot, more and more cases of dogs trapped in dangerous cars are revealed. This time, the guy left his sweet pup in the car for over 25 minutes in the sweltering heat.

Source: Province of British Columbia/Flickr

Pooler Fire Chief Wade Simmons says the dog was locked inside the car with a window barely cracked while the owner went inside an establishment. Shockingly, the dashboard of the car registered at 158 degrees Fahrenheit. They used a thermal imaging camera from a firefighter’s tool kit to determine the temperature.

Source: WTOC 11

According to the Fire Chief, people are often surprised to learn how fast their cars can heat up. In the past year, the department has received calls of 24 children and 18 animals locked in hot cars.

“We have the dogs for a reason. They are our companions. If that were to ever happen – if they were to d.ie or overheat, it would just break my heart,” Thomas shared.

Source: WTOC 11

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