NFL Player Shows Grand Gesture, Pays Adoption Fees For All 46 Pets In A Shelter

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“Pawject Runway”, run by the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS), is a public campaign and fundraiser for homeless and abused animals in the guise of a fashion show. NFL player Torrey Smith, and his wife, Chanel, are active participants in this crusade.

Baltimore is Torrey’s hometown, so he wanted to make sure that all the abused and neglected animals find homes during this campaign. He had already promised a hefty donation to this cause, but he wanted to do more.

After several discussions, Torrey and his wife announced that they would cover the adoption fees of every single animal in the shelter. This way, all the 46 cats and dogs in the shelter would have an adoption application by the end of the show!

Torrey’s amazing gesture caught everyone by surprise, as the crowd loved his announcement. With this generous act, Torrey has once again proved that no matter who he plays for, his heart always beats for homeless animals. What a beautiful way to give back to the community!

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