Newborn Pups Sealed In Potato Sack & Thrown In River, $5000 Reward To Find Culprit

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Two kayakers were rowing down the Blackstone River when they spotted a potato sack floating in the water. Once they caught on the disturbing whimpers that were emanating from the sealed sack, they decided to take a closer look.

As they retrieved and opened the sack, they were shocked to find 6 newborn puppies huddled together and screaming in fear. Someone had intentionally sacked these puppies and tossed them into the river. It was only a matter of time before they all drowned to their tragic deaths.

The kind kayakers made sure that the puppies were safe till the authorities arrived. The puppies were alive and in good health, and pegged to be about 7 days old. They are now under special nursing care at Uxbridge Animal Control.

Meanwhile, local law enforcement is looking for the person responsible for this despicable act. When caught and convicted, the suspect will be charged with six counts of cruelty to animals.

Source: Uxbridge Police Department/Facebook


This spine-chilling act of cruelty has rocked the entire community. PETA has come forward with a reward of $5000 for information that leads to the arrest of the culprit. We hope these innocent puppies find their forever homes soon, and the culprit is found and faces justice under the law.

Click the video below to watch how these newborn puppies were rescued just in time after being tossed in the river like trash!

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